Make bad posture a thing of the past with this modular workstation + rocking chair that keeps you active!

Bad posture and constantly sitting in front of the computer screen can have their downsides. In the long run, it can lead to chronic back problems, while in the usual day-to-day running causes muscular atrophy. The long-term back ailment leads to lack of focus, discomfort all day long, and most of all, low quality of life. The problem exaggerated in the last year with the COVID-19 pandemic forcing us to the confines of our homes.

Young Brazilian designers Gustavo Alves Miranda and Silas Stempcoski want to address this problem with their modular workstation furniture primarily tailored for home working setups. The designers’ goal is to optimize the home office workplace with form and function that encourages healthy postural habits. According to Gustavo, his furniture design named Mode, “brings joy and comfort within a furniture for those who work alone.” The minimalistic furniture design comprises a table, seat, and kneeling module – all working in different ways as per the requirement. It has a compact mode which turns it into an elegant side table – ideal beside the bed or sofa. Then there is the customary table and chair module for professional working hours.

The most interesting is the kneeling mode that brings the function of a rocking chair for more comfortable working. This mode is triggered by pressing the lower button and pulling the extendable base support for back and forth motion. That’s not all, you can also remove the tabletop section for times when you are sitting down on the floor in a cross-legged position. Mode modular workstation maintains its practical aspect to the core while staying aesthetically pleasing – one thing every homeowner desires. No doubt it is the A’ Design Award and Competition 2021 winner (A’ Design Iron Winner) in the furniture category.

Designer: Gustavo Alves Miranda and Silas Stempcoski