This tactical pocket neck knife EDC brings self-protection + utility to any cutting tasks

TOPS Knives know their exploits when it comes to knives – giving EDC enthusiasts exactly what they desire. As an everyday carry, knife is one tool virtually everyone needs – every once in a while. The smaller and easier it is to carry, the better it is. While many multi-tool EDC’s do have a knife tool – having one that is sharp as a sword, and maintaining a very small footprint is certainly a lucrative proposition. Meet the TOPS ALRT 01, a.k.a. The Anywhere Last Resort Tool which is a reliable EDC for anything from self-defense to conquering irks that come up every now and then.

The EDC maker has crafted the tactical knife to be a surprise self-protection tool and a utility knife that’ll never let your down. It can be worn as a neck knife, keychain or hung around the car’s steering column for iffy situations. The small knife has a hollow in middle to act as a grip for holding while also shedding the extra weight to keep it feather-light. Grip serrations, known as jimping, are there to provide extra grip – which is great. This in a way reminds me of the Japanese Kiridashi – thus I can bank on the woodworking and bamboo crafting abilities of the ALRT 01.

Being pocket-sized makes this knife so much practical as an EDC – ready to jump in to use when needed. It is crafted from 1095 carbon steel with a black traction coating on top to prevent rust. Of course, to carry it in your backpack or when not in use, it needs to be shielded. Therefore, the accessory comes with an equally slim scabbard. So, this EDC is for people who want a no-nonsense tactical knife that can get them through chalk and cheese!

Designer: TOPS Knives