Digital Cooking Alert

The Hourglass Device is a new-age method of keeping the family together, especially during dinner times. It comprises of a sensor device modeled on the sand-hourglass timer and an affiliated app for the family gadgets. So basically when someone gets cooking in the kitchen, the aromas automatically trigger the sensors in the Hourglass and notifies the rest of the family what’s cooking. A good way to get my son to the dinner table on time!

Gwendolyn explains, “The hardware components consist of simple technology to make the product cheap (i.e. non-touch screen). When the hourglass is in range to a device, it will auto-launch an app or website via Wifi/NFC signal. The software for the device is a cloud network that sends simple programmable codes to operate the hourglass. For any graphic customizing or timer programs the user can access it online to easily modify (different screens, sounds, programs, family network, etc.) The idea is to revolutionize an old basic object that we cherish into a proactive connective object: wristwatches, calendars, digital note pads, jewelry, remote controls, desk clocks, picture frames, etc. These objects can contain the simple hardware components while its software is online in the cloud; this allows designers to remove any complicated set-up displays on tiny screens, menu keys, or other unnecessary buttons.”

Designer: Gwendolyn Frederick


  • Johnny says:

    I think it’s a strictly human capability.

  • ronald says:

    One advice. Be careful with the scale of the model in you shots.Some show that it’s the size of an iPhone, some seem to make it’s larger than a pan, and the shot with the laptop makes it so tiny. Would help it the referencing for scale is consistent.

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