Eco Friendly Buoy

Triton is a self-sustaining buoy that can be rapidly deployed in marina entries and ports for temporary and permanent navigation guidance. The system is eco-friendly using only wind and solar energy. Big hat tip for the design. Huge improvement over current buoys. Who knew they needed to be redesigned? Oh and by the way, it holds the Design Turkey Award. Mmmm hmmm.

Designer: Dr. Hakan Gürsu for Designnobis


  • Ray says:

    I wonder how effective the wind turbines will be. Since the buoys are not anchored in such a way that they would not spin in stead of the turbines. How much power do you really need for a few LEDs anyway? Would the solar panels not be sufficient?

  • Jimmy C says:

    Very impressive.

  • Hunter says:

    They are anchored. Did you see even look at the pictures?

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