This compact + flexible AI enabled camera is the EDC of the camera world!

For social butterflies, clicking a picture of every moment possible is the usual affair. The accomplice – well, the good old smartphone! Then there are accessories like gimbals, selfie sticks (I’m not a big proponent of them), or flexible tripods like the Gorilla Pod. Sure nothing can compare to a DSLR camera, but portability and ease of use are a big concern. Design student SangHyeon Na has thought of a unique accessory or gadget that’s compact, flexible, and satiates your never-ending quest for clicking those Instagrammable pictures.

Meet CAMEY, a tiny camera that fits in your pocket or hooks onto your backpack! It’s more like the EDC of the camera world. SangHyeon Na imagines this concept as an automatic camera with AI-enabled functions for making clicking pictures an enjoyable and creative task. Use it for shooting sharp portraits or high-octane action sports – CAMEY is built for any creative moment you want to hold on to. You can bend it any which way, just like a Gorilla Pod, to capture unique perspectives. The companion app lets you share pictures or videos directly with friends or even filter them by location or other metrics. You can even communicate with the CAMEY community.

The idea is to have a dedicated portable camera that can be utilized in the blink of an eye. Just like the iPod revolutionalized the music industry and the very concept of portable music players – CAMEY too wants to be a standalone accessory for all your camera needs!

Designer: SangHyeon Na