This ergonomic stool makes sitting down and standing up a whole lot easier!

Chairs are one of the most designed pieces in the industry and reinventing that wheel is hard but Sano shows us that there is still more room for adding a worthy seat at that table! This high stool provides a healthy and playful seating experience.

Sano’s seat-bed is placed on an elastic ellipsoid which allows for the movement that makes it unique and also provides support while standing up. The ellipsoid is refillable and can be adjusted via air pressure. The added “bounce” gives a cushioned support when you sit or stand up which is makes it a friendly design for the elderly or those with minor joint issues. Its height creates a more open angle within the knees and the hips compared to conventional seating furniture which further makes the stool a healthier choice. The designer trio wanted to make furniture that would engage and create a more active sitting process that could be enjoyed by people of all ages and heights. The minimal design and evergreen CMF make it suitable for any interior setting.

Stools like Sano provide an option that is more accessible and inclusive for a wider demographic when used in settings like restaurants or waiting areas. It ‘lifts’ the otherwise mundane experience of sitting down and standing up, we don’t even notice the discomfort till we are presented with a more comfortable solution – that is exactly what a dynamic chair like Sano does!

Designers: Moritz Walter, Minh Pham and Matthias Bronn