Hand Washed Is The Best

I find it quite amusing that here we have a range of washing machines promising us features and cleaning like never before, and yet two daring designers are suggesting that we go back to the basics – hand washing. No doubt hand washed clothes have the best results, but it is quite a pain to sit crouched on the floor to do the scrubbing, even if you use a washboard. Hence the Pond is quite the apt answer to the problem. It’s a protective ridged cover that fits on a sink and allows you to hand wash clothes – standing! No crouching and good enough to do small batches of laundry! Superb!

This is what Yoori Koo has to say, “The point of the design is not only for easy hand laundering…. this idea comes from ‘how to save water’. We thought a lot about the way to save water and designed this to encourage people to hand-laundry by easing all the inconvenience occurred during hand washing.. It could sound quite same… but It is quite different. W want to say “small change in a bathroom sink makes a big difference in environment”

Designers: Zhong-Fa Lie & Yoori Koo


  • Gwenny says:

    Not to be a . . trouble maker, but you don’t squat down to wash your clothes with a wash board. There were tubs on legs that we used back in the old days. (Yes, I washed clothes by hand several times in my life.) And, sorry, but the sink it really to slick to do much good. It’s cute, but not really practical.

  • Dm says:

    I like the idea, but the sink needs to be better reinforced. After a couple of uses it will become loose.

  • Dev says:

    Perfect for Hotels.

  • Gwenny says:

    @Yoori Koo I can’t see your comment here but got it in email. That totally makes sense, then. That makes this a bit cooler. I mean, it IS cool looking, I just didn’t see it being that much better than we used to do. 😀 But if it’s intended to encourage folks to wash up small things, that’s awesome. I’m afraid I am immune. I had to wash my first child’s diapers by hand . . .I’ll just stick to my little washer and make sure all the loads are full. 😉

  • Yoori Koo says:

    I sincerely Thank you for your interest and opinion, Gwenny! We also worried about how practical it would be and expected some comments like yours. May be designing small washing machine without water could be much more practical in this 21c. However as i commented before we wanted to show our design philasophy that a small change can makes a big difference. if our design can change one’s landry pattern and save even small amount of water usage, nothing would be more satisfying for us. However yours also makes sense. We will try much harder to design something that all kinds of people love. 🙂 thank you!

  • Chris says:

    Seems more ideal for the college student or someone who is living in an apartment alone or with a roommate in the city, there’s not always enough space for a washer/dryer and i would find useful.

  • daniela passa says:

    I like the idea…I had same idea and I did an exposition in Milan during last salone del mobile. Mine project was inspired by old woman who wash the clothes by them self in the little village near Rome.

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