This scoop’s radical redesign comes with a telescopic handle and a patented rotating paddle dispenser

The spoon is one of the products that’s stood the true test of time. Apart from the wheel, it’s perhaps the one product that hasn’t seen a significant change in millennia (the first instance of spoons was discovered in 1000 B.C. Egypt). More than three THOUSAND years later, the ZoopScoop’s reinvented the spoon’s design. Sure, your regular household tablespoon does its job of scooping food pretty well, but the ZoopScoop’s radical redesign makes scooping, measuring, and delivering powders faster, easier, and much cleaner. Plus, its own integrated lid means you can travel with your scooped powder too.

The ZoopScoop aims at replacing that afterthought of a plastic scoop that comes free with your jar of protein shake or with baby food. Those free, disposable, ridiculously fiddly scoops are designed to just-about do their jobs. They’re messy, powders get stuck in them, and their handles are so short, you inevitably have to dig right into the jar, dirtying your hands in the process. They’re also disposable by nature, which is a problem considering more than 3 billion plastic scoops end up getting thrown away each year. The ZoopScoop’s design systematically solves every one of those problems, and a bunch more!

What stands out about the ZoopScoop immediately is how differently it’s designed. The scoop’s wall itself comes with measurement markings, but more prominently, is the patented rotating paddle dispenser on the inside along with a funnel base. This rather clever system allows you to scoop items out of containers, and add the scooped powder in increments instead of dumping it right into your liquid. The funnel base channels the clumped powder into a free-flowing stream, and the rotating paddle helps empty out the scoop without having to turn it upside down and vigorously shake the scoop because the powder’s so tightly packed in. Apart from the rotating paddle, the ZoopScoop even comes with a telescopic handle design, so you can easily scoop powders out of the bottoms of jars without digging deep in and getting your hands messy.

The ZoopScoop works in the kitchen, allowing you to measure out things like coffee, sugar, flour, spices, but is even designed for items like protein powders and baby-food mixes that you may need to carry with you to the gym or on the road. Each ZoopScoop comes with its own silicone cover that acts as an air-tight lid, closing both the top and the bottom. This potentially means you can scoop out portions of your protein shake and carry it along with you in your bag or backpack. Depending on your needs, the ZoopScoop comes in two sizes, a smaller 25ml scoop, and a larger 70ml scoop. “Apart from being robustly reusable, the ZoopScoop is 100% recyclable – every part can be broken down and recycled appropriately”, mentions ZoopScoop’s founder and CEO Artur Zolkiewicz.

Desginer: Artur Zolkiewicz

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ZoopScoop – The Intelligent Scooping System

The ZoopScoop is a multifunctional powder scoop with precise and easy measuring and a speedy rotating paddle dispenser that greatly improves dispensing of powders such as protein, supplements, coffee, and flour.

Traditional scoops aren’t practical, they’re not reusable, and they’re definitely not functional. Their awkward design makes it tricky to dispense powders into narrow-necked bottles; there’s zero precision, and zero accuracy when it comes to measurements, resulting in unnecessary guesswork and unwanted waste.

On average, the included scoops use 25% more than the recommended amount of powder. Not only can ZoopScoop help you measure the precise amount for your personal needs, but you’ll also start to notice your supply lasting a little longer too. The sealable lid allows you to simply save any excess as fuel for a post-workout pick-me-up.

ZoopScoop to accurately measure flour, baking powder, salt and more at the twist of a handle. With lines for both millilitres and tablespoons, it makes baking a piece of cake.

Zoopscoop makes it easy to pre-measure and pack your baby formula when you’re on the move. It’s completely airtight and spill-proof.

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