Music Making for the Modern Nomad

NOMAD is a digital musical instrument born from the desire to create music on the go. Its compact and minimalistic form enables users to take it anywhere they go. The pressure sensitive frets and flexible strings offer a traditional playing experience, however, they will never break or get out of tune.

So how does it work? By marrying digital and analogue! The design combines the familiarity of a classic guitar with the flexibility of a digital musical instrument. Paired with an app, NOMAD can play an endless variety of sounds and the frets can be turned off so a digital capo controls the pitch of the strings.

It’s ideal for anyone who needs to scratch that creative itch on a whim and can be taken anywhere from the subway to the campground. Small enough to throw in a bag or backpack, it’s high quality music-making for wherever life takes you!

Designer: Orit Dolev