Porsche’s sleek design language is the inspiration behind this futuristic work desk!

Desks help define our workspaces. Following the pandemic’s toll on working conditions, desks have become the way we express our modes of working at home. Looking to the automobile marque Porsche for inspiration, Encho Enchev has recently debuted his 3D rendering where he conceptualized a desk design fit for the set of Star Trek with interwoven elements from Porsche strewn throughout.

Characterized by sleek fly-lines and smooth curves, Porsche is known for embedding their automobiles with the same sense of luxury that laps their front doors and grille. Enhancing the desk’s luxe design, Enchev integrated a capacitive sensor touch screen into the desk to control the main Dell computer desktop, functioning as both a keyboard and control panel. The Dell computer spans almost a quarter of the desk, jutting from its mainframe to lengthen the desktop’s screen width. Then additional control systems punctuate this desk from the future, including a touch mouse pad and what appears as an upright landline telephone in stainless steel.

His modern desk design curves into an L-shape, taking the traditional shape of desks that accommodate larger computer systems, snugly fitting into office spaces and den corners. Just beneath the working desktop area, the desk’s leg space is carved out for open room to move the legs and comfortably remain seated. Along the shorter end of the desk, automatic, soft-close drawers create storage space for workers while they’re seated at the desk. Rendered in iconic Porsche color schemes, this desk just came from the future for those who want to bring the marque’s iconic status into their home office.

Designer: Encho Enchev

Forming the shape of a curved L, this modern desk takes the shape of a traditional working desk accommodating a large desktop computer.

Taking inspiration from Porsche’s design language, Enchev designed a desk fit for the luxe marque.

Sleek and understated by design, this modern desk takes on warped corners and shadowed angles to bring it to the future.

Enchev outfitted each desk with a touch screen control panel, extended desktop display, touch mouse pad, and futuristic landline.

Soft-close drawers create storage options for workers throughout the day. A footstool extension also creates a place for workers to rest their feet.

Characterized by their iconic color schemes, Porsche’s design language fills out this modern desk design from the build to its paint job.

Black stained wood covers the desk’s surface, echoing Porsche’s black and white color patterns.