Hear what you like, not what you don’t.


Meet, Morgen – a smart speaker that aims to be your personal DJ! It learns your musical taste and will recommend music over time as you touch “like” and swipe to “dislike” directly on its simplistic interface.

It’s the latest application of the Internet of Things (IoT), combining a cloud service with a portable speaker for an enhanced music experience. Unlike Pandora which only streams online, Morgen can be played offline by caching songs the user likes while online for the user’s enjoyment later. Besides that, over 4000 songs are pre-loaded into different channels for each new Morgen speaker. Simply turn it on, select the genre of choice, listen, and start liking and disliking! The longer you use it and the more gestures you use to like or dislike, the sooner Morgen turns into your personal DJ!

Morgen is a 2017 Red Dot Design Concept Award winner.

Designers: Ye Liangwen, Yu Xueliang, Wang Hui & Lin Jinchun