This tiny house is actually a clean energy powered, self-sufficient, repurposed shipping container!

We are adding Gaia by Pin-Up Houses to our list of the most incredible tiny houses! Gaia is a discarded shipping container turned into a cozy, self-sufficient home fitted with the latest technology to match your modern lifestyle. It was designed to be an alternative solution to traditional housing and reduce the negative impact on the environment.

One of the main features of the experimental off-the-grid housing project is that it harvests solar and wind energy. Gaia doesn’t rely on external sources of energy or water which is vital in the current climate crisis as well as the future. It comes equipped with solar panels and a wind turbine so the batteries will be fully charged at any time of the day and during all seasons. You can monitor the battery levels through a mobile app even if you are on the go. The tine home has been designed inside a marine HC 6 m container featuring wooden studs and spruce plywood in the interiors. Another clever detail is the container’s roof which covered with a galvanized corrugated metal sheet that extends out beyond the structure. This increases the rainwater collection and is stored in a 1000-IBC tank

The rainwater is then filtered and distributed to the bathroom and kitchen through the house’s systems. Gaia comes with a refrigerator, water heater, and other 12 V and 24 V appliances based on your needs. If your appliance needs a higher voltage of 110 V to 230 V, it can be generated using an inverter. Pin-up Houses has also maximized the limited area by including compact storage, a convertible sofa-bed, space-saving stools, and tables. The outdoor terrace can also be folded to close the container using the winch, this way you can have your privacy.

All the walls inside are sprayed with thermal insulation (spray foam) making sure it is habitable all around the year and not just treated as a summer cabin. However, spray foam is also highly combustible fossil fuel. But to ensure safety, the woodstove is properly shielded with steel on the floor and behind. The team has also made sure to include a lot of exit points. Another point to note for the environmentally cautious residents is that the bathroom is a bathroom – a Porta-Potti style chemical toilet where the bottom half is a suitcase full of waste and formaldehyde chemical which has to be taken elsewhere to be safely discarded.  This could be fixed up by swapping it for a small compost-friendly toilet to further reduce the environmental impact of the house.

The container is pretty spacious despite its size and doesn’t feel cramped or claustrophobic for the residents with how well each corner has been utilized for maximum functionality. Gaia is modern, self-sustaining, and economical for those looking to lead a more sustainable lifestyle while also being homeowners with enough savings leftover after their investment. It is still a prototype so a lot of the systems can be improved to make them more sustainable. Ten extra points for the wonderful draw-bridge style deck!

Designer: Pin-Up Houses

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