Apple AirTag for your glasses means you never lose that expensive eyewear!

Into the habit of misplacing things every now and then accidentally (because you’re too absent-minded)? And an Apple fan to the core? Then the Cupertino giant just made your day with their latest barrage of announcements made at the Spring Loaded event – of which the AirTag was one of the highlights. The cheapest yet Apple gadget is a stylish way to locate the things that matter the most to you – it could be anything from your car keys, backpack, or luggage. Pitted right against Amazon Tile, AirTag is the one to grab for Apple ecosystem dwellers.

While AirTag can have a countless number of uses, third-party makers like Nomad are seeing it as the perfect platform to intelligently put the Apple accessory to good use. Just like Moment caught our attention with MagSafe compatible accessories for iPhone 12, the AirTag accessories come with the promise of maximum utility in a stylish manner. The one I’ve got my eyes set on is the Glasses Strap which keeps expensive glasses from getting lost unassumingly and then buying a new pair again. When not in use, the strap hangs the eyewear from your neck. In case you lose your glasses (if you have a knack for losing eyewear, this accessory is like gold), tracking them is as easy as one can ask for!

Then there is the classy Horween leather keychain and loop accessory for keeping all the frequently used keys in one place. You are bound to forget at times where you put the keychain/loop, and with the AirTag accessory, you have one less thing to worry about. Both these AirTag accessories by Nomad are up for pre-order right away. If you are already planning to buy AirTag, these adds-on might be just what you need.

Designer: Nomad

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