These cabins are designed to be habitable cocoons hanging on the edge of Cuban mountains!

Imagine a cabin that envelops you in the landscape through its design – that is exactly the feeling Jorge Luis Veliz Quintana envisioned with his cabin design located on the edge of mountains in Cuba! It is an organic refuge for those who want to connect with nature and disconnect from the world. The cabin brings in the panoramic views of the landscape while also visually blending in the natural setting with its carefully chosen CMF.

The unique cocoon shape structures are perched on giant boulders and each cabin spans over an area of 150sqm. The curved wooden lattices sit on concrete platforms which match the grey tones of the cliff which makes it seem like the cabin is born out of the rocks itself and is levitating – I absolutely love it when designers pay attention to smaller details in their CMF which makes their concept truly one with the surroundings and it is visually soothing. The cocoon shape unfolds into a welcoming terrace out in the front and I can imagine it is the most perfect spot for uninterrupted sunrises and starry nights. The open balcony-porch concept makes most of the scenic setting and lets you literally breathe in the Cuban landscape!

There are two levels in this concept – the stairs lead into an open-plan interior that features a bedroom and bathroom with 360° views while the other level is partially outdoors so guests can enjoy the weather. Veliz Arquitecto has used a combination of software programs – he uses Sketchup for 3D development and Lumion for rendering. After adding textures, light, and the surroundings, he moves it to Photoshop for finishing touches. At the end of his process, we get these dreamy natural cabins that move us all one step closer to booking out flights to Cuba!

Designer: Veliz Arquitecto