This smart heating pad on your lower abdomen alleviates menstrual cramps & maintains your daily productivity!

The only thing worse than a Monday morning is having your periods start suddenly on a Monday morning! Dragging yourself to work, while your cramps are at an all-time high and your mood at an all-time low is literally hell on Earth. You can pop in a painkiller, but the effect only lasts for a few hours, and it isn’t my preferred means of relief, to be honest. And a proper heating pad is almost impossible to carry around with you! Hence, Sofia Papenova and Lidia Grits designed WIM, a smart heating pad that you can actually wear!

You can wear the heating pad on your lower abdomen, or your back, depending upon where you’re having pain. It basically consists of three components – a control center, the actual heating patch, and a charger. The heating section is made using a biometric textile and is also amped with a body sensor. When you’re ready to use WIM, you simply remove the outer film from the patch, attach the control center to it, place the patch on your body, activate the product, and adjust it to the temperature you prefer.

WIM warms your belly or back and relieves some of the cramping pain while enabling you to stay active, and go about your day as usual. It helps you feel comfortable no matter where you are, whether at work, home, or even if you’re simply out shopping! WIM is a boon for women during their menstrual cycle. It instills confidence in us, and helps us function as we normally would, without taking away our attention and focus from the activities we’re performing. This is a product I would invest in without thinking twice!

Designer: Sofia Papenova and Lidia Grits