The retro phone gets a modern day office redesign that Michael Scott won’t throw away!

Do you still have your phonebook? You will need it with this redesign of the classic retro office phone by Martin Poon!

We use retro products all the time to create an aesthetic, and while the “90’s vibe” has become more of a photography filter, we love to see designers breathing life back into some of our favorite nostalgic items. Not long also we knew phone numbers by heart and had an address book, this simplified desktop phone brings back all of the good memories without any of the bad UI! The new/old phone has debossed buttons that won’t wear out like the silkscreen print, soft ear pads, and a single-piece keypad that makes it easier to clean – no crumbs! We love talking about the good old days but certainly don’t remember contact numbers like we used to so this phone comes with a cloud contact list that lets you reminisce without feeling old. The most futuristic (and probably extremely important) thing about it is that it comes with USB ports to charges other devices. So now your phone or iPhone will never be at 1% again.

This design invokes nostalgia, memories you have kept for your memory box – some of them have such a strong emotional value attached to their design making it a worthy addition to every desk!

Designer: Martin Poon