This is the world’s first Augmented Reality Drone

The Space Creator Drone is quite unlike any drone you’ll ever see. It doesn’t fly around capturing pictures, but rather projects pictures onto surfaces, turning walls and floors into windows showcasing alternative realities on the other side.

Mounted with a projector lens where you’d expect a camera, the Space Creator drone flies around casting images onto surfaces, turning them into points of storytelling. The drone creates environments instead of capturing them, being refreshingly different. I for one love the way it makes it look like there’s a blue whale floating around the house. Working on a principle that’s pretty much the same as AR, the Space Creator is technically an AR drone. It projects virtual elements on your wall in a way that makes them appear above your reality, adding a bit of magic and mystery to it. The drone is capable of spatial tracking too, making sure that the projected image changes as the drone moves around. A stunning concept that’s backed by technology we can definitely expect in a year from now. Fingers crossed!

Designer: Seohee Lee