This sleek yet compact juicer pays homage to Norman Walker and easily fits into every kitchen!

Since 1936, juicing has been considered one of the most effective and concentrated means for boosting your health. Norman Walker, a trailblazer and the original innovator behind vegetable juicing, designed and produced his own juicer, the Norwalk Hydraulic Press Juicer, which is still manufactured and available for purchase today. Walker was a pioneer when it came to vegetable juicing and made it his life’s work to speak of its health benefits. Bringing their own compact juicer to the mix as an homage to Walker, Hatch Duo has designed The Walker Juicer, a masticating juicer without the bulk.

Offering a slower, more concentrated grind, masticating juicers do not incorporate too much heat or oxygen into their juicing process. In regard to nutritional value, masticating juicers are largely preferred over centrifugal juicers. However, masticating juicers typically take up more space than centrifugal juicers since their slower grind generally requires a longer spout and auger. The Walker Juicer consolidates the parts of a masticating juicer and places them in its main body to create a more compact build without compromising each juice’s nutritional value.

Ditching the traditionally clunky build, The Walker Juicer is designed to be disassembled and assembled easily. Four wooden legs, made from sustainably harvested wood, give rise to The Walker Juicer that can be dislodged and plugged back in using a peg-and-socket method. When not in use, The Walker Juicer can easily be broken down and stored away, but with such an unobtrusive and warm design, it looks good on any kitchen countertop even when not in use. In homage to the great Norman Walker, The Walker Juicer saves space, produces healthful juices, and looks good while doing it.

Designer: Hatch Duo

The bulk of the typical masticating juicer is cleverly consolidated in The Walker Juicer’s main body, providing a compact build.

With a steel exterior and smoothed-down wooden pegs, The Walker Juicer doesn’t compromise on design.

Easily disassembled, The Walker Juicer’s wooden pegs can be dislodged when storing away for future use.

Shaped like a walking cow, The Walker Juicer is familiar in shape and innovative in design.