This cactus-inspired desk organizer uses a slot-and-tab stacking method to adapt with your changing setup needs!

There are as many ways to organize an office space as there are offices in the world. When there’s no longer any room to stuff stationery in desktop organizers, that’s when things get messy. But desks are arranged to fit the needs of those working behind them, so options for storage better be plentiful. And by storage options, I don’t mean endless stacks of papers, pens, and staplers. Inspired by the indefinite growing lengths of succulents, Subin Song collaborated with Fountain Studio to design Cacty, a modular desk organizer that can expand and grow to limitless heights.

Each module of Cacty can be linked to one another through a slot-and-tab stacking method that creates an endless array of options for organizing. Users can store bulkier items like staplers and tape dispensers in Cacty’s base module, the most central piece of the stacking system, which comes equipped with four slots for additional modules’ tabs to connect. The other modules that come with Cacty fit different organizational needs. For instance, a taller module can contain long writing tools like pens and pencils, along with rulers and scissors. Then, shorter modules can hold office supplies like glue sticks, binder clips, and safety pins.

Cacty’s main appeal is the infinite combinations that can be applied when constructing the modular system. Meeting the organizational needs of each user, Cacty can be constructed into any shape that works for your desktop. Thanks to its slot-and-tab stacking method, any modular scheme can work with Cacty to help categorize your office supplies and streamline your workdays.

Designer: Subin Song x Fountain Studio

Inspired by the infinite growth of succulent plants, Cacty’s expansion has endless possibilities.

Cacty’s prototype was made from corrugated paper.

Using a slot-and-tab stacking method, Cacty securely fastens its modules together.

Cacty’s base module is the most central one, offering room for bulkier office supplies.

Cacty’s tallest module creates some space for taller, slimmer items like scissors and rulers.

A shorter module is the ideal size to keep items like gluesticks and mini-highlighters.

Cacty’s shortest module creates shelf-like organizers for paper clips and thumbtacks.

The modular structure of Cacty depends on each user’s organizational needs.