Myst gives the humble inhaler a stylish, contemporary-tech makeover

Just as walking sticks went from physical aids to objets d’art, most medical/health equipment can be passed through the same filter, turning them from clinical looking products into products that are desirable. Designers at RISD transformed the white and blue plastic inhaler into something much more worth cherishing. Taking CMF cues from contemporary technology, the Myst comes with a slick, rounded form, no sharp edges, and perhaps one of the most enchanting material and finish combos. Combining black and gold, a classic pairing, together, the Myst looks less like a medical device and more like a premium piece of gadgetry, something of a design direction we’re seeing in those not-so-healthy vapes in today’s market. If only medical device got that sort of fashion-forward design approach.

Designers: Walmen Dumaliang, Rance Pritchard, Scott Seung-Hyuk Noh & Chris O’Connell.