Van Gogh’s iconic Starry Night will soon be immortalized with its own LEGO set!

I’d venture a guess that owning a LEGO Starry Night would be just as cool as owning the original, but who am I to judge the value of post-impressionist art, I’m just another millennial!

LEGO just approved of turning the Starry Night into a production-ready set. The idea for the product came from LEGO Ideas, a playground where LEGO enthusiasts upload their creations, and LEGO fans vote on designs that they want to see willed into existence. The Starry Night rendition comes from Truman Cheng, a Master Builder who goes by the username legotruman. Cheng’s rendition of the post-impressionist masterpiece uses a total of 1,552 pieces, and gathered a stunning 10 thousand votes on the LEGO Ideas platform! It features a 3 dimensional representation of Van Gogh’s famed painting, along with a miniature figurine of the artist along with his easel, brush, palette, and canvas. The 3D LEGO pieces actually work wonderfully with Van Gogh’s style, as each individual brick looks like a distinct brush-stroke, giving the artpiece its signature Impressionist appeal.

As of now LEGO has approved of Truman’s design for production, but there isn’t any word on when it’ll release, or what the price will be.

Designer: Truman Cheng for LEGO Ideas