This sustainable air purifier naturally cleanses your air with oxygen-boosting plants

It looks like a vertical planter, but it’s much more than just that. Meet the Respira, an air purifier that uses nature to uplift spaces and cleanse the air around you the old-fashioned and effective way. Apart from giving your interior spaces a nice touch of greenery, Respira also adds additional humidity, evaporative cooling, and naturally absorbs gases and particulate matter to enrich your home with fresh oxygen and clean air.

After 5 years of experience designing some of the largest and most effective ‘living walls’ for companies, corporates, and offices, Mitchell and Dylan of New Earth Solutions decided to focus on the one recurring question they kept getting from their clients – “Can I put these at home?” You see, we spend a major chunk of our time indoors, more so during the pandemic, and that erodes our connection with the great outdoors and nature specifically. Aside from the fact that the air indoors isn’t always as fresh as the air outdoors, there’s also something to be said about how cutting oneself off from nature negatively affects one’s mental health. Respira reimagines and reintroduces that connection with nature. It’s a smaller, more domestic-friendly version of New Earth Solution’s large living wall installations, but is backed by a biophilic design that integrates technology and plants into a symbiotic solution.

The Respira features 13 carefully selected plants known for their ability to purify the air of toxins, VOCs, and pollutants. The plants rest vertically against a front facade, allowing them to look like a living wall that adds a dash of vibrant green to your spaces. Positioned right behind the plants is the air-filtration and hydroponic planting systems that filter the air while keeping your plants flourishing. Air is pulled from the top and passed through a reusable pre-filter that traps any particles. The air then passes through the roots of the plant, and good microbes living in plants’ roots break pollutants down into nutrients that help the plants grow. The Respira’s self-watering hydroponic system allows the plants to flourish without human intervention… in fact, all you need to do is plug the device in, fill the water reservoir every 10-14 days, and add a prepackaged nutrient mix every 6 months. The Respira self-waters, self-lights, and self-purifies while naturally humidifying spaces and regulating the temperature in your room. A simple touch-interface lets you view the time and temperature, while controlling aspects of the Respira like the fan speed, light, and water. If the Respira runs low on water or nutrients, notifications are promptly sent to your smartphone.

The Respira comes in two colors (black and white) and features an online nursery of plants to choose from. Plants get shipped directly to you in biodegradable packaging, or alternatively, you can cultivate your own plant clippings. When assembled, the Respira takes on multiple roles. It naturally purifies your air while uplifting your spaces with greenery. It regulates humidity and temperature, and does it all autonomously with minimal human intervention… and the best part? It never needs a filter replacement and generates absolutely zero waste. Just healthy, oxygenated air!

Designer: New Earth Solutions Inc

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Respira – The Air Purifying Garden that Takes Care of Itself

Respira is an air purifier that improves the air quality in your home by pulling air through the plant’s root zone where beneficial microorganisms capture and break down toxins from the air, in a process known as biofiltration.

How it Works

Air is actively pulled through the top of the unit, removing dust and large particulate matter before passing through the biologically active root zone. Beneficial organisms within the root zone capture and permanently destroy airborne toxins and chemicals that we would otherwise be breathing. Naturally purified air is then released through the front of the unit.

Beyond air purification, Respira adds additional humidity, evaporative cooling, and a direct connection to nature to improve the comfort of your home. Respira is also IOT enabled, allowing you to connect the system to your home network and monitor plant health and air quality from wherever you are.

Easily control Respira from your devices. Alerts are sent directly to your phone.

Plant Palettes

Click Here to Buy Now: $432 $625 (31% off). Hurry, only 7/35 left! Raised over $130,000.