Suitcase that follows you like a pet

The World’s first self-balance auto-follow suitcase. Yup, that’s right, and I’ll say it again so that it sinks in – the World’s first self-balance auto-follow suitcase. Developed by 90FUN, this nifty two-wheeler also knows as ‘Puppy1’, uses the same technology implemented by Segway. While also being accompanied by patented technology, Puppy1 provides the user with a hands-free, automatic, convenient luggage buddy.

Along with its custom auto-following chip and the precise positioning system, it can either follow you anywhere or be summoned by easily setting up the auto-following mode through remote control. Accompanied by all this fancy tech is the fingerprint scanner located on the front of the compact suitcase. From every angle, this suitcase is quite simply the most gorgeous travel case I’ve ever set my eyes upon. The wheels and front compartment are highlighted with a complimenting blue LED hue, while the case itself is accented with various material patterns which make this product really pop.

90FUN is a brand founded on the mission to build and share a light & premium travel spirit. Inspired by the contemporary way of living, we aim to promote a lifestyle full of vigor, quality, and beauty. As an integral part of the Mi Ecosystem, 90FUN is without a doubt the most exciting member of the ecosystem to hit US shores and will be doing so at CES this year. Be sure to check it!

Designer: 90Fun