What Smart-plug Does Bruce Lee Use?


Zuli! Shamelessly bad humor aside, the Zuli does one simple thing that we’ve secretly hoped for since time immemorial. Allowing you to switch on/off appliances with your phone. The good thing about Zuli is that even if your appliance doesn’t have mobile-integration, the Zuli takes care of that. “It’s just a more comfortable way to live your life”, say the makers of the smart-plug. The Zuli allows you to control simple appliances with added functionality through your phone. For example, something as mundane as a lamp, when plugged into Zuli, can be operated, and even dimmed and brightened through the app… and that’s even if the lamp itself doesn’t have a dimmer!

The Zuli, when used at multiple points in your house, allows your home to have the Zuli Presence. It can detect whether you’re in the room or not, allowing it to power on appliances without even needing you to access the app. It pairs with your Nest thermostat too, allowing you to just step into a room and get comfortable instantly! That IS the ultimate fantasy of mankind, isn’t it?!

Oh, did I mention that Zuli can be configured to switch off the lights, fans and appliances when you leave the house? But I’m guessing you’re already sold on the product, aren’t you!

Designer: Tom Gurka

Buy It Here: $46.99 $59.99