This Japanese transparent green structure is perfect outdoor workplace and detox socializing hub post COVID-19

COVID-19 induces lifestyle has had a major impact on the lives of people – in a way affecting the mental health and basic psychology. Being bogged down for such a long period, we all have experienced a paradigm shift in how we perceive the world around us, juxtaposing with our evolutionary achievements. It’s been quite a tough phase, especially when going outside is more of a privilege these days – masking us from the mesmerizing nature all around. As things a beginning to ease down a bit and everyone is seeking a way to detox in the greenery all around, UENOA architects have designed GREEN BASE, a minimal structure ideal for socializing, work remotely, and other exciting activities.

The design of see-through structure erected in Inzai City, Chiba Prefecture was headed by architects Yoshinori Hasegawa and Fumei Horikoshi who on request of the farmer wanted to design on the green land something that reciprocates with the pandemic lifestyle and lets people enjoy farmland activities. The likes of cooking the harvested vegetables from the farmland itself or having a warm evening gathering after a day’s hard work. The farmer had one strict requirement for the building structure, for it to be “technically reproducible and inexpensive to make’. Thus the architects used vinyl cladding material which also doubled as a way to keep the building transparent for people sitting inside to have a clear view of nature outside.

The timber floor keeps the minimal, nature-connected theme going – as there is a small gap between where the vinyl covering starts and the wooden floor ends. This is to bring the natural elements inside the structure for people to feel connected and increase their productivity. In typical Japanese tradition, the shoes are kept outside – maintain proper hygiene inside as well. The sitting arrangement is such that it coincides with the social-distancing norms to keep clear of harm’s way. The only gripe for me is the almost transparent roof which could have been a bit opaque for the direct sunlight not to hit the laptop’s screen flush while working. Other than that, the structure seems like a good one to replicate in your backyard as well.

Designer: UENOA