This all-in-one podcast recording studio fits right around your neck

You could potentially record your next vlog or podcast episode from a Starbucks or an Uber and your listeners wouldn’t know the difference.

Meet the FinaLace by Sabinetek, a CES 2021 Innovation Award-winning pair of earphones created specifically for content creators. They look and feel like your average pair of earphones, but are packed with studio-grade recording equipment on the inside, including a dedicated sound card, binaural microphones, a dedicated vocal mic, and real-time mixing and monitoring abilities. Envisioned as the go-to recording equipment for vlog, podcasting, live streaming, conferencing, even karaoke, the FinaLace puts a recording studio around your neck, and monitoring equipment in your ears.

It’s inevitable for technology to become smaller with time. The FinaLace scales down studio recording equipment to fit right into a pair of headphones, with the software handled by a smartphone app. The earphones come with a neckband that houses its own sound-card for the processing power. Both high-fidelity earphones are fitted with their own dedicated microphones for binaural recording (capturing the left and right-channel audio precisely the way your ears hear them) while a dedicated vocal microphone helps capture your voice with multi-level noise suppression.

While the FinaLace hardware handles the recording and monitoring part of the equation, the smartphone app does the rest. FinaLace’s app gives you access to a 5-band EQ and digital reverb to let you adjust your audio in real-time. There’s a karaoke feature within the app that automatically mutes the vocals from your Spotify or Apple Music tracks, turning them into instant karaoke numbers. You can then sing along with them, adding your voice to the mix and the app lets you adjust EQs, add reverb, magic voice, and even record the final output. The record button works for phone calls too, and FinaLace’s AI can auto-transcribe your calls/conversations into text too. This potentially gives you the ability to record podcast episodes or vlog videos and instantly get transcripts to add as subtitles for your media.

Sabinetek surfaced on my radar with the AudioWow, a small, thumb-sized microphone with its own dedicated sound-card, designed for wireless (or wired) use with smartphones. The AudioWow (which I backed in 2020 and promptly received in October) had a single mic on the inside, and came with an aux jack so you could plug your own earphones in to monitor your audio. The FinaLace just consolidates all of it into a single, portable solution, with 3 mics and high-fidelity earphones all wrapped together in a neck-worn design that’s easy to travel with. The binaural mics even have a transparency mode, so you can hear the world around you (especially helpful while you’re crossing roads or walking on sidewalks). Its wireless, Bluetooth capabilities, powerful hardware, and feature-packed software make the FinaLace a pretty compelling product for anyone who wants high-fidelity recording and playback equipment on a budget… whether it’s for YouTube videos, podcasts, Zoom calls, conferences, or even whether you just want to upload your karaoke videos to TikTok or Smule!

Designer: Sabinetek Design

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FinaLace: A Wearable Audio Studio for Content Creators

The FinaLace is the world’s first 3-channel binaural Bluetooth neckband earphones with realtime mixing & monitoring and sound FXs for creators.

FinaLace provides real-time mixing and monitoring of any audio source from mobile phone, 3-channel sound pick-up, making it a studio-free tool to record podcasts, music, videos and calls anywhere, anytime.

The app gives you full control over both recording and playback settings and is loaded with features like automatic voice transcription and subtitle generation and high fidelity music video creation on the go.

When singing karaoke or practicing lyrics, FinaLace gives you the ability to cut out the vocal track from any song with just the press of a button. And mix your vocal into the track and playback in ear for monitoring in real-time.

FinaLace is also the first Bluetooth earphones with digital audio effects like noise suppression, reverb, vocal removal, and mixing, making it perfect for a wide range of uses, from conference calls to Acapella and jamming in a band. FinaLace puts the power of a professional recording studio around your neck, giving users pro-grade recording as well as high fidelity playback at the same time. It’s compatible with digital cameras that support stereo input.

Experience 3 Channel Binaural Audio & Recording

FinaLace is a binaural recording earphones, which means that it picks up audio in 3D, just like your ears do, making your video and audio content immersive and compelling.

When you listen to something that’s recorded with FinaLace, you’ll hear what happens on your right on the right, and what happens to your left on the left. The central lead vocal microphone is a breakthrough application in immersive 3D recording.

What makes FinaLace unique in the world of binaural audio, is that it doesn’t just have two binaural microphones, but it has a third microphone dedicated to voice pickup. This 3-channel setup allows you to create both immersive content with a clear voice track which you can toggle on or off.

This is a recording made with FinaLace at National Opera House in Beijing. The song is Overture by Ruslan Lyudmila.

This is how useful FinaLace is for vlogging and noise suppression. The motorcycle sound is picked up by the FinaLace around her neck. It picks up the sound and suppresses it so you can still hear your voice clearly.

Click Here to Buy Now: $89 $197 (55% off). Hurry, for a limited time only!