These clever oven-trays come with an extended lip that makes them easy to hold

This is a handle-appreciation post. As someone who’s dropped his fair share of cookies (and one lasagna) because oven-trays aren’t easy to grip, more so when they’re hot and you’re wearing gloves, it seems plain counterintuitive that oven trays, pans, and casseroles don’t have larger gripping surfaces.

The Nest Oven tins feature a simple innovation that solves a familiar problem – removing hot oven dishes whilst wearing thick & cumbersome oven-gloves. A specially designed lip on the front of the tray makes it easier to pull the tray out of the oven, and wide handles on the side let you hold the tray once it’s out of the oven… you know, so you don’t risk fumbling with your tray of food, much like Kevin with his famous chili. And here’s the best part – like all of the products in the Joseph Joseph Nest™ line, the oven tins nest right within each other for easy storage!

Designer: Tej Chauhan for Joseph Joseph