Make barista-quality coffee anywhere with this portable pour over kit

As a self-respecting tea drinker myself, I understand the lengths people go to to get their daily beverage fix. I’m incredibly fickle about my cup of cardamom tea everyday, and an insipid cup of tea could completely destroy my spirit. True-blue coffee drinkers are equally fickle about their coffee. They don’t experiment with their brew too much, and have a meditative routine which they follow to the T, resulting in that cup of coffee tailored to their exact specifications. Mess with that practice, with the ingredients, and you’re messing with the balance of the universe.

The Pakt was designed for those coffee aficionados, that prefer having control over their brew no matter what. They love traveling, but they hate the idea of instant coffee, or pre-made coffee decoctions. Pakt allows you to carry your brewing apparatus anywhere you go. The size of a thermos, it packs every aspect of the brewing process into its compact, cylindrical form. Nesting multiple elements into one another like Matryoshka dolls, Pakt comes with an electric kettle to heat water, a pour-over unit to collect your brew, and a coffee canister to carry your favorite blend of coffee along with you. When traveling, the units nest within each other, creating an all-in-one compact cylinder that’s easy to carry around. Minimal tolerances ensure a perfect fit, so that components don’t rattle around, or get damaged while you’re traveling.

Ultimately, Pakt lets you brew coffee the traditional way, but in a portable format. Designed to be taken on trips and holidays, Pakt gives you the same level of control your at-home brewing kit does. An electric kettle heats the water, a funnel-piece lets you create your pour-over using a filter and your favorite coffee, that you carry with you in the canister.

Designed for travel and made to last, Pakt uses as little plastic as possible, and relies on a combination of stainless steel and BPA-free silicone to provide the best brewing experience while remaining completely handheld. In its compact avatar, the entire kit fits into any bag, and is designed to be airline friendly, so you can carry your entire coffee-brewing ritual along with you wherever you go… Because a sub-standard cup of coffee isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.!

Designers: Malcolm Fontier & Impel Studio

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Pakt Coffee Kit – The Complete Brewing System for Travel

Everything you need to make barista-quality coffee. All the components of a classic pour-over brewing method is brought to you in one sleek package.  Electric kettle included!

Make your cuppa coffee on the go, and never drink a bad cup while traveling – ever again!

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Built to Withstand the Knocks of Travel

Most other kits have a high probability of breaking due to the fragility of the components. Like nesting Russian dolls, each component of our kit fits inside the next larger one. The nesting design means your kit travels securely and silently – no rattling or broken parts in transit.

Carry the Pakt Coffee Kit on the Plane

There are many coffee-making kits designed for adventure travel, but the gas canisters typically used for making coffee while camping can’t fly at all. We designed the Pakt Coffee Kit to be airline friendly so it can easily go wherever you go. Check it or carry it on – the choice is yours.

Streamlined, Handheld Electric Kettle for a Perfect Pour Over

The handheld, compact design of our electric kettle gives you even more control than the standard gooseneck kettles typically used to make pour over coffee. And it takes up a fraction of the space.

How to brew pour over coffee with The Pakt Coffee Kit.

Minimize Waste While Traveling

Every coffee you make in your room means one less disposable cup for the landfill. The Kit’s coffee container holds enough coffee to brew about five cups — that adds up to a lot of disposable cups saved!

At a hotel.

Use anywhere you have access to water and electricity.


At the office

Below: Details of The Pakt Coffee Kit

The Team

Pakt were founded in 2018 to make refined, responsibly-sourced travel goods designed to #keeptravelsimple. As design freaks who are also environmentally-conscious, they take incredible care to only create products that they believe are useful, beautiful, and necessary. Their first product, a cult favorite travel bag called The Pakt One, raised more than $2 million via crowdfunding and is now available on their website. The Pakt Coffee Kit is their second product.

Coffee for Clean Oceans

The Design Team believe that the only truly “sustainable” product development is none at all. But since that option isn’t compatible with the lives we lead and the world we live in, they are going with the next best thing: producing products as responsibly as possible, building them to last, and designing them to be versatile so that the buyer can minimize the number of products they need.

Their Environmental Commitment:

– The Pakt Coffee Kit is designed to have a 10-20 year lifespan or longer, kind of like the toaster your grandparents received as a wedding gift and are still using.
– One of the key ways we’ve ensured a long lifespan for The Kit is by making it serviceable – so if something goes wrong, we can fix it or replace any broken parts so you don’t have to throw it out.
– The team has used premium, durable materials throughout production to ensure your coffee’s flavor isn’t affected by any cheap materials and that your kit lasts a very long time.
– The kettle, mug, and grounds container are made largely of high grade stainless steel and silicone, and they have made minimal use of plastic except for a few lids and things that never touch your beverage.
– Because the Pakt Coffee Kit is a very compact product, they have kept the packaging accordingly minimal.
– This gives the ability to fit more kits into fewer shipping containers to keep the carbon footprint as low as possible when transporting and storing kits.

Click Here to Buy Now: $139 $189 (26% off).