Electric Porsche 911 concept looks pretty in panoramic glass windshield + headlights staring straight into the eye

Porsche’s vision of electromobility has already kicked off with the all-electric Taycan, and in the near future, 100% electrification trend is going to trickle down to other models too.

Mission E all-electric concept is the German marque’s stallion in works for the future, and there’s a rumor in the air about an electric Porsche 911 in works behind closed doors. So, what’s an all-electric 911 going to be like? This 911 concept designed by an artist clears up the haze, and I’m already going bonkers over it.

Designer: Nicolas Vigier

Electric 911 will set the precedence for the rise of performance sports coupes before the end of the decade, and I wish it should look more or less like these renders. I can’t imagine a Porsche 911 without those sexy curves, a familiar trait of countless sharp-looking electric concept cars. This two-seater Porsche 911 coupe has a modern persona without giving up on the classic design language. Nicolas adopts a fresh approach in penning the basic skeletal and design aesthetics by incorporating organic shapes for contrasting appeal.

The body shape is divided into two parts – the top one denoting the organic surface sculpture and the bottom representing the modern gadget shapes. The level of detail follows down to the wheel arches adopted from the 930 and a glass cabin inspired by military aircraft fighters. That front section is an aggressive nod to the Porsche 356 and the tube-shaped headlights (ditching the classic big round aesthetic) create the visual connection. Underneath are two air intakes to cool down the brakes and swappable battery by circulating air optimally because this damsel will be pushed to the limits.

Rear section is shorter than average, taking cues from the classic coke bottle design as explained by Nicolas. This exposes the Porsche 911 Concept’s rear wheels for a more aggressive stance in hot pursuits. That panoramic glass cabin extending to the rear is inspired by Targa, and the engine cover bears a classic 356 look.

To achieve a balance of modern and classic design without overemphasizing either is what makes this concept rendering special. F0r an electric concept that borrows its branding from a cult favorite is never going to be easy, but Nicolas manages the feat. Kudos!