This smart Minion projector is a movie night essential for people of all ages!

The design creatively transforms a mundane projector into a character loved by people of all ages from all over the world. The projector’s lens is perfect for Stuart’s monocle and the geometric cylinder combines the characteristic elements of IP with the core functions of the product. The upper and lower ends are sprayed with plastic material and metal aluminum mesh. The black silicone headwear is matched with the plastic metal paint effect of the optical machine lens. Yellow brings the bright pop needed to projects in true minion fashion complete with a yellow dust-proof that is added between the hardware aluminum net and the shell. The smart projector is a compact and cute upgrade from the otherwise dull black box!

The projector’s single camera, TOF feature face recognition, and an automatic focusing motor keep the picture clear at all times. Relying on the current hardware solutions for autofocus, the smart eye protection function has been added. “The internal use of independent BOX design uses a four-point cantilever to make the sound effect more perfect. 5020 blower, heat conduction system, intelligent control of fan speed, effective control of wind noise and internal temperature,” elaborates the team. An Instagram follower also pointed out that the perforations make it seem like Stuart has a beard…I guess we are all growing up! The design and emotion are also very well translated from the product to the packaging, it is equally playful, bright, and compact as the projector itself.

Are you a minion fan or do you have another character in mind that can be turned into a cool projector? Either way, it is only fair to quote Agnes herself to describe the collective emotion we felt when we saw the minion projects – “It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die!”

Designer: Jerry C, Season Jia, and Bowen Yang