Algorithms helped design the shape of this Japanese holiday retreat

Designed for idyllic Hokkaido in Japan, the YEZO is a retreat that uses its dramatic landscape and an experimental design approach to create a sanctuary in nature. The YEZO’s overall design is a fusion of both aesthetics and algorithms, optimised for fabrication from one single mould to minimise ecological impact and reduce manufacturing cost and delivery time. It features a unique curved roof that not only creates a spacious interior, but even provides a channel for the central chimney while creating a small terrace/skylight in the process. The wooden roof shell structure, clad with regional black slate, consists of sustainable GluLam (glue-laminated) timber beams suspended from a central concrete chimney. “YEZO’s curved GluLam beams are carefully shaped to operate in pure tension throughout, resulting in weight and material reductions of 90% compared to straight beams”, say Kristof and Julien, the designers behind the award-winning retreat.

The YEZO Retreat is a winner of the Golden Pin Design Award for the year 2020.

Designers: Kristof Crolla & Julien Klisz