Self-Sustaining Micro Digs


Girl, bye! I’m gettin’ me an Ecocapsule. It’s the first truly independent house, powered by solar and wind energy!

Because of its small size, it can be placed nearly anywhere on the planet and easily moved for a change of scenery! It contains everything needed for prolonged off-grid stay: efficient design, high performance thermal insulation, dual yield power system consisting of solar array and wind turbine, massive batteries to store surplus energy for a later usage. Everything is controlled by smart home system optimizing energy consumption.

Additionally, the spherical shape of the Ecocapsule is carefully formed to minimize heat losses and maximize collection of the rain water and morning dew. Membrane water filters installed inside are designed to purify 99,999% of the bacteria and rendering any natural water source suitable for drinking.

Even though small in size, each Ecocapsule can comfortably house two adults. Its efficient spatial layout allows you to enjoy convenience of typical creature comforts in off-grid conditions. A built-in kitchenette with running water, flushing toilet and hot shower are just a few luxuries of this remote hotel room in the wilderness.

Plenty of storage space also fits all your sport or research equipment. The Ecocaspule can be used not only as cottage, skiing hut or pop-up hotel, but also a small power plant or charging station for your electric vehicle.

Designer: Igor Zacek, Sona Pholova, Tomas Zacek