This knife + multi-tool is made for chef’s who like be equipped even on adventure trips!

Everyday carry come in all shapes and sizes bringing to the fore multitude of uses, making your daily life hassle-free. While most of them boast compact tools not many of them have a standard knife up their sleeve for times when a small one wouldn’t cut the chase. With this in mind, NOS Design has come up with a double sliding blade knife that’s unique in its own rights and has a definitive utility for adventure seekers as well as ones who like to cook delicacies.

Meet the Versus knife outdoor edition, an EDC that has a very intuitive sliding mechanism to reveal one of the two tools depending on use. On one side is a sharp standard-sized Puntilla knife blade to cut anything that stands in your way while on the other there is a tactical multi-tool with a toothed blade. With the push of a button, either one of them can be set into action courtesy of the simple sliding mechanism. Although the tool is slightly bigger than your average everyday carry tool the usage it brings – especially on hiking trips can’t be denied.

Then there is another version that is tailored for passionate chefs who love knives. It is called the Chef’s edition and this one has a Puntilla knife on one side and a professional chef’s knife on the other. So, whatever be your choice, you are going to get a niche tool for all your needs and everything in between!

Designer: NOS Design