A checklist to kickstarting and making an impact in 2021!

I love making lists! From post-it notes scattered about my desk to dedicated planners, I have tried it all, what has worked though is focusing on the implementation and not creating the list as such. To save you from the endless hassle (that I personally love) of creating lists, I have created a short yet impactful list of actionable items that improve everything – from your day to day life to actualizing those goals you set up in the first place so you don’t end up next December, “Where did the year go away so fast?”

Write down your plan

Sherlock Holmes, we all are not. So, while we don’t have the ability to build a mind palace, it doesn’t mean we can’t improve our memory retention skills. If I could do that, I’d probably have displaced Mr. Dyson from his throne by now. For the regular designer Joe, we’d recommend you create a board and stick it up somewhere it’ll not be out of sight or mind. Remember, even if you are on the right track, you need to keep moving. Else you run the risk of getting run over. Create milestones, check them off, and move on.

Stay hydrated

Unfortunately, I am neither Sherlock nor am I a camel. I make sure to have a couple of glasses of water after waking up and then keep sipping from my water bottle so I can ensure that my body remains hydrated.  If you don’t have a bottle yet, you can check out some of them on our site!

Re-organize your desk space

Hahahaha. I really need to do this too. It definitely does not mean that you have to visit some store to buy organizers or a new desk. But after years of usage, you probably know best which of the things in your drawers are used frequently. A little less clutter on your desk and in the drawers will surely bring you peace of mind. And you can then stop suspecting your innocent roommate of stealing your Muji pen when you cannot find the latter.

Check out some desk setup’s for your inspiration!

Carpal tunnel and eye check-up

If you do not know what Carpal Tunnel Syndrome means, well, you should! It can be caused by unnatural working postures of the hand and wrist. People who wear prescription glasses, you probably already visit your ophthalmologist regularly to get your eyes checked. Since we spend a considerable amount of time in front of our computers and have only one pair of eyes and hands among other things, it could be worth your while to get them checked every once in a while. Add this to your plan.

Update your portfolio

Oh right yes, you do not have the time. So busy busy busy, I ain’t got no time sir! You have 365 days to choose from. Book a meeting with yourself and get it done.  And while you are at it remember to get your hands dirty and Don Draper’s words from Mad Men “Success comes from standing out, not fitting in.”


If you are thinking of Will Smith or Margot Robbie, I don’t blame you but no, I am not talking about the movie. When you create the plan for this year, it is important that your milestones are as non-abstract and non-ambiguous as possible. This will help you keep your eyes on the prize and you will know for sure when you have gotten there! If you were a racehorse, it’d mean something as simple as having blinders on your eyes but you are not. So find a way that works for you and keep at it.

Fewer gadgets and lesser grudges

Keep away from all the negativity! There will be people around you who only love to gossip and complain. There will be others who will inspire you. The fun part is that you get to decide with whom you spend most of your valuable time.

Sitting is worse than smoking

Okay, I am not so sure that it is true but it sure makes a good headline. But sitting for long hours is definitely not good for anybody. Take frequent breaks and lookup desk exercises for sedentary workers. You cannot go the distance with a bent back and broken knees, so let’s keep them well oiled!

Be Kind

This is clearly the easiest one and won’t cost you a penny. Kindness is how you help others rise up and not expect anything in return. Share your knowledge via a blog, be the go-to guy for the ones facing issues, enjoy somebody else’s success. Create a YouTube video explaining how you solved a silly issue. Remember, it is a selfless act and you are not trying to change people’s opinion of you. When you are kind to others in the many possible ways, you are kind to yourself too. It is a win-win!