This sliding ceiling lamp has got us ‘hooked’ on to its flexible, playful, modular design!

Designer Huisu Jo was observings people’s behavior in ‘Dongmyo’ which is a traditional Korean market where everything is used as the ‘most convenient way’. He saw people being resourceful with even scraps and was inspired by the fact that hangers are used as the easiest way to display items. Even in local Indian markets, hangers are used to create a makeshift shelf for the items and sometimes even used to hang lights to show the items laid out below when it is dark. Hook is a lamp that is inspired by these makeshift hacks and has been designed to let users adjust the position of the light according to their needs.

Lights are usually fixed but Hook brings that flexibility to the appliance so it can be aligned with our lifestyle. For example, I want to read in my nook but it is not right under the ceiling light so I have to buy another light or change my reading corner – this may not be convenient in small spaces or for my pocket. But with Hook, I can just slide the light towards my corner and back when I am done. It keeps the floor space free while adding a dynamic element to the otherwise monotonous and boring ceiling lights.

Hook’s aesthetic is minimal and modern. It could have been black and white for a sleek look but I love the pastel blue and bright orange – it adds a pop of color without being too bold and turns the light into a functional accent piece in your home. The clever design also lets you have 2-3 hook lamps so you can disperse or concentrate the light. Simply hook the lamp on to the bar and slide it as per your space and your situation. Hook is modular, flexible, and playful – a refreshing take on hanging ceiling lights!

Designer: Huisu Jo