Sirius OUTDOOR AR-enabled smart ski goggles are designed to change the world of snow sports

Skiing gear and equipment have been through drastic evolution in the past decade or so. The skis are safer, the slopes are better prepared, and ski lifts are faster now. However, there is still scope for technologies like augmented reality and artificial intelligence to make inroads to revolutionize the skiing experience for good.

Stepping in with a heads-up display of sorts, Zurich-based Ostloong has designed and developed the Sirius smart goggles that incorporate AR and AI in one successful unit. This brings smartphone notifications, slope details, and other vital information right in front of the skier’s eyes without impacting their field of view.

Designer: Ostloong

As the first-ever advanced ski goggles that offer the adventurist an augmented reality experience with rich color display and detailed output, Sirius is the only eyewear combining AR and AI for outdoor sports.

These Goggles give the user a fresh perspective on the slopes: ensuring safety and allowing one to communicate while moving on the snow mountain, skiing or snowboarding. With the full-color augmented reality display for the outdoors, the Sirius overruns any previous solutions in outdoor personal projection options and makes for a piece of viable equipment.

The Sirius goggles are a fine example of how AI is revolutionizing the world of augmented reality. The AR eyewear can predict and provide an immersive and multidimensional experience that is both responsive and personalized to the wearer.

The Sirius smart goggles are now available starting at approximately $650 (depending on the model). It comes in two models – Standard and Pro – with the latter shooting the price up to $1,100 odd. By combining AI and AR in smart goggles Ostloong has created for mountain lovers a new level of virtual experience that can enhance the way people interact with their environment.