This Minimalist Chess + Checkers Set Will Be the Centerpiece of Your Board-Game Collection

With such a classic — instantly recognizable design – how does one reimagine the visual aesthetic of a chessboard? There are chess piece sets modeled after skyscrapers, popular TV characters, mythical creatures, abstract shapes, etc. Many board game creators have experimented with new chess board designs, but this chess + checkers set stands out from the crowd, despite the competition in its arena.

What makes the Origins Check – Chess Set different from other interpretations of this classic game design? The set as a whole encapsulates an elegant, minimalistic aesthetic, but the pièce(s) de résistance are the chess figurines themselves. The characters take on simplistic, abstract profiles that represent each piece’s role or how they would move across the board. For instance, the knights are cut into L shapes to indicate their directional movements. The pawns’ roles are reflected in the simplicity of their shape: just rectangular blocks – which can also double as checkers pieces. The abstract nature of this design may alienate beginners, who might not be as familiar with the pieces. However, one could argue that a novice chess player may not want this particular board set in the first place due to the price tag.

From a craftsmanship perspective, the Origins chess set is a beautiful example of woodworking. The box and boards are available in four species of wood, Eastern Maple, White Ash, White Oak, and Black Walnut. It is a stripped-down, simple design, but unique among existing chess sets … one that would be a subtle eye-catcher in a chess lover’s collection.

Designer: Origins

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