This immensely lightweight teardrop trailer weighs 300 pounds to be easily hauled behind any car!

Lightweight teardrop trailers can open up a world of outdoor travel and adventure opportunities for everyone despite the size of the vehicle they own. Earth Traveler Teardrop Trailers is custom-building such campers that are perfect for anyone who wants to travel light, without compromising space and basic amenities. These trailers, in fact, offer a unique perspective to travel that minimalists are going to fancy.

Weighing 300 pounds on the higher side, the Earth Traveler Trailers are ultra-light campers that can be hulled by any car, small or large. Owing to the convenience they offer, these trailers are cut out for unfussy road trips. The trailers are available in two models: Earth T250LX is a luxury teardrop trailer made from 100-percent carbon fiber to ensure lightness and strength. It measures only 5-feet high, 5-feet broad, and 11-feet long when closed for towing. When parked, the fully insulated trailer opens into an 11’x7’x11-foot lodging unit with open floor space for two people. On the more economical side is the Earth T300, which is slightly heavier at 300 pounds because of the materials used in construction. Carbon fiber is lightweight but very expensive, to keep the Earth T300 affordable to its luxurious sibling, it’s made using a combination of carbon fiber, fiberglass and resin reinforced feathers, which keeps the weight minimal and the frame structurally strong.

In addition to their lightweight construction, the Earth Traveler Trailers become exciting due to their ability to expand into a significantly larger size for use in the outdoors. Optional add-ons provided with these trailers for more facility onboard include pop-out side walls with tents, pop-up roof, UV awnings on either sides, and skylight shades. There is also a provision to provide a kitchen station, foldable table, and a propane stove for quick-cooking sessions. Those who want more from their Earth Traveler Trailers can have them accessorized with flexible roof-top solar panels, battery, heating and cooling, and certain road safety features including an off-roading suspension system.

Once you are convinced by the benefits of owning a lightweight camping trailer that can haul behind any car you own; you must settle for the Earth T250LX or the T300. While the former is priced at upwards of $30,000, the more basic Earth T300 comes for $10,000. The company is offering up to 25-percent off on pre-orders through the websites – a pre-booked model today will be delivered in 5 to 7 months, the company says.

Designer: Earth Traveler Teardrop Trailers