A Chair Leg Fantasy

Welcome to Kristian Lindhardt Norhave’s Chair 2.1. In this project there is to be seen quite a few chair legs and not so many chairs. It comes upon a chair designer every once in a while the urge to go wild. Norhave has gone so wild. So many legs that there is madness. So many chairs in wild combos that who knows what to do?

This is what we call “play.” It is important to play no matter what line of work you’re in, most especially if you’re in the creative industry. These molded plastic chairs, that indeed do exist in the real world*, are part of the ancient, well-respected, perfect process we call design. Industrial design, in fact.

*BTW these chairs are the real deal, not computer rendered, but rendered in plastic in the real world, amongst us humans. Sit your butt right down and take a test.

Designer: Kristian Lindhardt Norhave