‘Al Dente’ Pasta Tester sits on the rim of your saucepan, letting you know when your spaghetti is ready

Meet Al Dente. First name Al, last name Dente. Al is passionate about two things – fishing, and perfect toothsome spaghetti.

Designed by the fine folks at OTOTO in collaboration with Klipy Design, Al Dente quietly and patiently perches himself on the rim of your saucepan, casting a single line of spaghetti into your boiling water. Whenever you want to check if your pasta is perfectly undercooked (or what the Italians called al dente), just take the spaghetti from Al Dente’s hands and nibble at the lower end of the line. If your spaghetti needs some extra time in the boiling water, just put it back in Al’s hands and he’ll hold onto it for you to check again after a few moments! Once you’re done, discard the spaghetti Al was holding onto (that was just a test piece) and strain out the rest of your pasta! Buon Appetito!

Designers: Klipy Design and OTOTO

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Al’s the kind of chap that’s dedicated to his craft. His silicone construction means he’s heat resistant, BPA-free, food-safe, and dishwasher friendly. Pop him on the edge of your saucepan and he even lets you place a lid on top with a small opening around him, working as a steam releaser… although his favorite activity really is patiently casting a line of spaghetti into your boiling water. Instead of taking a pair of tongs and fishing around for a noodle to bite into to test your pasta’s done-ness, Al Dente does the hard part for you, holding onto a single test noodle that you can easily grab out and test. For now, Al Dente only works with dry spaghetti and bucatini, although I’m sure he’s looking to expand his skill set in the future!

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