Tesla’s Powerwall gets some serious competition with LG’s latest home energy solution!

An unexpected power outage can be a nuisance; it can bring our life and career to a halt – especially when working from home is the new normal. Homeowners are thus investing big time into home energy storage systems that integrate with home circuits to provide power when needed and store it when not required. The residential and even commercial battery systems have transformed in aesthetics and power since the rollout of Tesla Powerwall. Over time there have been some challenges, testing the Powerwall in shallow waters, but now with LG delivering its own solutions through its battery development wing – LG Energy Solution, Tesla Powerwall is in for some serious competition. The company says it has fashioned the world’s largest residential battery system with 16 kWh of energy and a 7 kW power rating.

The new home battery systems designed and delivered by LG Energy Solution, formerly LG Chem, comprises RESU Prime and RESU Flex li-ion batteries. In addition to connecting with the main power supply, these modular, matte gray batteries can be connected to solar panels for backup. Its modular design allows easy transportation, installation, and maintenance. These next-gen RESU batteries come with LG’s advanced remote monitoring system to facilitate installers and owners keep a tab on the battery system in real-time.

For power and functionality, LG RESU Prime comes in two models – LG RESU16H Prime and LG RESU10H Prime. The former is dubbed the largest single battery ever with a massive 16 kWh of usable energy. This can reportedly be scaled up to 32 kWh by combining two units in case your demand to effectively running the whole home increases. In a pair, the RESU16H Primes can deliver a sustained 14 kW, and as a standalone unit, it can deliver sustained 7 kW and 11 kW peak. RESU10H Prime on the other hand is a smaller version with 9.6 kWh of usable energy possible to scaled up to 19.2 kWh with double packs. Standalone the battery has 6 kW sustained or 7 kW peak and with two units it offers a power of 10 kW.

Depending on your home energy requirement, you can pick between the LG RESU16H Prime, going on sale this month, or the smaller RESU10H Prime to release in March next year. We also mentioned LG RESU FLEX at the beginning of the article; this will be a state-of-the-art flexible battery system, offering the desired capacity and design for the battery configuration. This model with up 17.2 kWh of capacity is expected to launch in the second half of 2021. If you’re sitting back home reading this, chances are you are working from home. You will realize the significance of consistent power and why the LG solution makes sense.

Designer: LG Energy Solution