A wireless massager comes concealed in this sofa design, making it perfect for all couch potatoes!

Since we spend most of our time in our homes (especially in 2020), we might as well make those spaces as comfortable and relaxing as possible. One problem that the massage chair business has not solved yet is creating space-efficient furniture. Massage chairs are often bulky, and they might not match the aesthetic of your existing furniture. The solution proposed by the Dong Dong sofa is to create a piece of furniture that just happens to include a massager.

Based on the couch’s design alone, I would buy this product. Its plush, buoyant cushions and its bright yellow color would make for a great statement piece. The design pulls inspiration from a classic inflatable pool tube, which you can see in the couch’s large, bouncy cushions. The curved shape of the backrest also was inspired by ocean waves … and it serves a practical purpose: allowing the massager to blend into the couch.

At a glance, you might not see it. The massager is a cylinder piece that mimics the curvature of the backrest. The piece detaches easily from the backrest, which allows the user to massage any part of their body: not just their back. You can lie down on the couch and prop the massager under your calves, hug it to your body and massage your front, etc. And when you’re finished, you can set the device back in its slot on the couch, which also doubles as a wireless charger.

The detachability offers an advantage for the massager in terms of convenience. Additionally, I think this a business opportunity for the designer as well. Yes, the sofa and massager work well as a set … but why not sell them separately? After all, the massager on its own looks like a cylinder-shaped decorative pillow, which could theoretically blend into anyone’s furniture (if it had the right color). It would certainly offer a more wallet-friendly alternative to the full couch.

Designer: Su Yeon and Dong Hyeon