Turn any object into a wireless speaker using this sleek bone-conducting audio device!


Have you ever tried to call out to someone standing far away, only to find yourself instinctively cupping your hands to make your voice louder? What you’re doing is creating a chamber to channel/amplify your voice. Musical instruments like guitars, and most speakers do this too, by having a vibrating element like strings or a diaphragm, and an acoustic chamber that amplifies the sound created by that vibrating element… The Blade, however, isn’t most speakers. It comes without the hollow acoustic chamber you’d find in most speakers, but that isn’t some sort of oversight or defect, it’s a design feature. The Blade is what you’d call a vibration speaker, i.e., it turns anything it’s kept on into a speaker. Place the Blade on a hollow box, a wooden table, a suitcase, an empty vase, or your mum’s Tupperware and the Blade turns it into a speaker! By transferring the vibrations to any object it comes in contact with, the Blade uses that object’s physical properties and its hollowness to transfer and amplify sound. Theoretically, you could even place the Blade against your throat and open your mouth and you’d essentially have music playing through it!

By ditching the acoustic chamber, the Blade allows itself to become extremely thin. Practically the size of a credit card, the Blade can fit right into your pocket while packing the punch of a speaker roughly 20 times its size. The absence of the acoustic chamber also means the Blade can be as ‘big’ or as ‘small’ as you want it. Place it on a small box and you get the kind of sound you’d expect from a tiny Bluetooth Speaker… position it against a massive carton and the sound is exponentially more audible. The Blade works differently with different materials too. Materials like wood generate a more wooden, warm, earthy sound, while ceramics and glass give you something more balanced. Metals, on the other hand, offer a more treble-heavy high-range sound.

While vibration speakers aren’t a new concept, they’re still an exciting area that’s filled with potential. Bone conducting earphones work on the same principle by relaying vibration through the bones around your ear, rather than having audio play into your eardrum. The Blade pioneers the same technology, by giving you a speaker that’s sleek, portable, and infinitely customizable. You could literally place the Blade against your table, on your bathroom mirror, the body of your guitar, or even an empty pizza box, turning objects around you into actual speakers, big and small. Its vibrating tech aside, the Blade works just like any other wireless speaker, and comes with Bluetooth 5.0, an inbuilt omnidirectional microphone for answering calls, a 4-hour battery, and even a built-in FM radio for some extra fun! Introduce two Blades and they instantly auto-pair, turning into stereo speakers with left and right channels! Its small form factor and pocketable size means you can carry the Blade around everywhere you go. Most of the Blade’s fun is in experimenting with different materials to see what works best with your music, but at its heart, the Blade is all about the freedom and power to transform anything around you into a loudspeaker, all with a device that just costs $30!

Designer: Summer Lee

Click Here to Buy Now: $29 $50 (40% off). Hurry, only 106/200 left!

BLADE – The Thinnest Portable Bone Conduction Speaker

Adopting bone conduction technology and moving coil acoustic technology, the BLADE Speaker turns sound into a mechanical vibration of different frequencies, leveraging the effects of the different materials on top of which it is placed and used.

The vibration produces a truly original, variable and customizable collection of sounds through self-vibration. Everything has its own sound.

Features & Benefits

Portable & Lightweight – At its thinnest point is only 3mm and weighs 40 grams in total.

Surround Sound – Use two Blade speakers interconnected and you can have Surround Sound 2.0 experience since this Bluetooth-enabled device is also TWS-enabled.

Enjoy Radio Tunes Everywhere –  In addition to being a speaker for playing music, you can also use it to listen to your favorite channel. Blade’s wireless FM ensures that you can enjoy your favorite channels everywhere.

Click Here to Buy Now: $29 $50 (40% off). Hurry, only 106/200 left!