This modular low-cost flotation device uses recycled plastic bottles!

The World Health Organization is spearheading efforts to help children in low-income areas learn how to swim, and the SAVIOUR concept attempts at creating highly-effective, low-cost training tools for children as they gradually pick up swimming. The Saviour is a modular system of interlocking tubes that help you create flotation devices. The tubes don’t float themselves, but rather, allow you to attach multiple plastic bottles around the rim to help the overall product stay afloat. You can either assemble the Saviour to form a U-shaped training apparatus, or join multiple pieces to close the U, turning it into an O-shaped device that children can use as a tube.

The Saviour is low-cost, and its individual modules can easily be 3D-printed based on demand. Moreover, it utilizes plastic bottles, helping recycle waste into something vastly more useful. If a plastic bottle gets damaged, it can easily be replaced with another one, allowing you to quickly upgrade/repair your training gear. Besides, the colorful bands on the Saviour help increase its visibility, allowing you to spot it floating on the water from a distance!

The Saviour Modular Swimming Set is a winner of the Golden Pin Design Award for the year 2020.

Designers: Chih-Shan Huang & Wan-Ju Wu