This retro-inspired grill gives charcoal infused flavours with the ease of using an oven!

It’s not every day that we stumble upon grills that are purposefully built to bring the joy of charcoal grilling to everyone. Of course, the Gravity Series 800 charcoal grill with griddle and smoker we saw recently, does offer its service, but for grillers, it’s more about convenience and flavor – which the Spark Grill intends to provide in a sleeker and portable design.

We all know charcoal grilling tastes better, but they have been sidelined by gas grills because the latter are convenient to use in comparison to the messier charcoal ones. Most grill-outs today, therefore, happen over a propane grill, nothing bad with that to say, but when it comes to flavor – they lack what charcoal grills can deliver. Albeit, the latter are messy, difficult to manage, and most importantly, cumbersome to control – this amounts to overcooking or burnt meat, if you don’t do it right!

Spark Grill walks in as a capable alternative to traditional charcoal grills and a rightful competitor to gas guzzlers you’ve been using. It is the first charcoal grill that is easy to use as its gas counterpart and effortlessly simple to control like a smart oven. The result is precise charcoal grilling, so you get all the flavor without futzing with the fire and uncontrolled temperatures. Spark Grill’s onboard LED dial can be used to control and set the cooking temperature anywhere between 200°F to over 900°F. This range and control opens up new cooking avenues for a serious griller, who can now blend the natural wood and charcoal flavor to every dish being served along with craft beer. The entire experience is made worthwhile with the use of charcoal Briqs – made from classic woods like hickory and Applewood – that are used in the Spark and ignite instantly with the turn of a switch.

These removable Briqs – that offer the same smoky flavors of charcoal – get hot enough for grilling in just a few minutes, and when cooking is complete, can be unmounted to make clean-up seamless and mess-free. Excitingly, the Spark Grill is now available for pre-order with an accompanying mobile app that notifies the griller when the grill is up to the required temperature or when the food is perfectly grilled. The app can also be used to re-order Briqs when supply’s running out. Spark Grill’s blend of controlled cooking with natural wood and charcoal will provide you the perfect smoky flavor you’d want to impress your kin at the next backyard BBQ party!

Designer:  SparkGrills