This tree branch inspired bike pump magnetically snaps onto your bike

Advancements in materials and manufacturing methods have led to bicycles carrying a sleek and aerodynamic form that slices through the air as they race down the roads, whilst being incomprehensibly lightweight. There is nothing more frustrating than being interrupted by a puncture… apart from having to carry around a bulky, under-designed bike pump that contrasts against the graceful form of the bike! This is where BRANCH comes in, as it aims to be a carefully considered and elegant solution to this problem!

BRANCH has removed the need for the unsightly mounting brackets by relying on an unobtrusive ‘click-clack’ system that’s paired with two magnets, to securely hold the device to the bike frame. The use of this system results in a beautifully simple and fuss-free attachment method that, at first glance, creates a rather surreal spectacle. The sleek and simple form of the pump is free from detailing and material changes, to allow for it to compliment the smooth form of the bicycle frame.

Designers: Prokop Strnka & Daniel Pokorný