Tesla Cybertruck-inspired camper trailer for Tesla fans who can’t just wait for the truck!

If you’re waiting to drive the most outlandish vehicle of our time, the wait is going to be a little bit longer. Allegedly ballistic and tougher than a tank – the Tesla Cybertruck is not going to be a real deal any time before the end of 2021. If you can’t wait that long to get into a Cybertruck – there are a few rip-offs you can get into right away. But if you’re an outdoorsy person, you’d want the imitation to take you off-road and into the woods where you can relax for a night or two under the starry sky.

Ivan Zheltonogov thinks the latter is a good idea. A reason the designer/DIYer from Russia has built what he calls the LandTraveler Cybertruck – which can be instantly identified as an eye-catching Tesla’s futuristic truck-style camper trailer you can tag along behind the EV. From the look of it, you’d expect the motorhome to look best tagged behind a Cybertruck, but if you don’t want that, it can even tow behind the Model X, Model Y, or any other capable vehicle and still look futuristic.

The LandTraveler doesn’t just look futuristic – it even scores high on the camping trailer aspect. It is well equipped with all the necessities for a night well spent in the outdoors. The camping trailer is made from composite aluminum on the outside and comes complete with a bathroom, a kitchenette, dining cum sleeping area, and lots of skylights to ensure the compact interiors are well lit throughout the day and present a panoramic view by the night. For some off-grid capabilities, the LandTraveler is fitted with roof-top solar panels, a 100-liter water tank, and a heater to keep you warm when away from home.

The entry to the trailer is through the compact bathroom that features a commode, sink, shower and storage space. Separated from the bathroom by a screen, the living space on the far-end – that is also the dining and sleeping area -has a large skylight that can be covered by a blind for privacy. Ideal for a couple, the LandTraveler has a dining table that folds to include the seating and transforms into a double bed. This Cybertruck-inspired camper is a real deal in Russia and there are accounts of people already buying it. It is priced at RUB 1,490,000 (roughly $20,000) and can be customized to your needs if required. Delivery Stateside is not specified, but if you’re interested, Ivan can be contacted.

Designer: LandTraveler