A modular lounge system designed for working from home and “homing from work”!

Soufflé is a dynamic modular interior landscape capable of endless configurations for your flexible lifestyle and different needs. The bed/couch piece works for our rapidly changing world where workplace and home environments collide. Soufflé blends our work, life, and leisure modes into a singular, highly-customizable lounge system.

It challenges the status quo of what workplace and domestic furniture needs to be, what is should look like and how we use it. Initially designed for the studio’s own office space, the creators envisioned a seating system that would suit a variety of commercial settings – be it a sophisticated hotel lobby, retail destination or workplace breakout. At home, Soufflé can be pushed together into pit mode and instantly becomes the perfect spot for movie nights, reading, or naps. Fun fact: the cozy furniture piece its name from the collective noun for clouds which was key to tying all elements together in a way that felt light, approachable, and ever-changing. The Soufflé embodies these qualities through its infinite combinations, soft foam structure and fluid design language. Due to its high degree of modularity, individual pieces can be passed onto family and friends throughout a lifetime – and without any sharp edges or hard materials, it’s 100% child friendly.

The Soufflé also grows with its user: from a bijou studio apartment in your twenties, a family home in your fifties, to a bungalow in your eighties. Whether in isolation or composed into interesting arrangements, Soufflé’s sinuous backrest offsets its rectilinear forms, catching light and casting shadows that add to its playful block module form. Gotta get Soufflé now. Pun intended!

Designer: Foolscap Studio