An all-in-one domestic kit to rapidly measure your body temperature and blood oxygen

Meet the “Aware” a standalone kit to quickly detect whether someone is showing underlying symptoms of the COVID-19 virus. Designed by Yash Gupte, the Aware is the kind of device that sits well in homes, offices, and retail spaces. The two-piece wireless unit is a lot like a cordless phone. With a base that houses an intuitive main interface and a Pulse Oximeter input, and a handheld receiver that works as an infrared thermometer and a control device. Aside from being a convenient go-to device to quickly measure temperature and blood-oxygen levels, the Aware also lets you keep historical records of the readings, comparing them day-to-day. Plus, it works as an alarm too, reminding you to take your daily readings as well as adopt healthy practices like taking medicines, sanitizing your hands, etc. It does all of this while maintaining an appearance that’s simple and non-medical… two design cues that not only make the Aware fit well into homes and office spaces, but they also make getting checked up less scary or daunting!

Designer: Yash Gupte (Wacko Designs)