Minimal wooden cubicle-like furniture system creates cozy + comfy nooks in modern office spaces

Employees have slowly but surely made their way back to corporate offices, and it is certainly a transitionary phase where they learn to adapt and settle down in an office space once again. In such a situation, it’s important to add well-designed furniture designs that help them feel comfortable, space, and motivated in their workplace. And adding the right furniture designs can greatly contribute to creating an office that is conducive to motivation and productivity. And an interesting addition to modern offices would be the ‘Cubicle’ by Form Us With Love.

Designer: Form Us With Love

Design studio Form Us With Love teamed up with Danish manufacturer +Halle to design ‘Cubicle’ – an interesting “bench and wall system”. According to research, people prefer to have their backs to the wall in open-plan workspaces, and Form Us With Love took this into consideration while designing their furniture system Cubicle. Cubicle is meant to simulate that very experience. It is designed to replicate and mimic the particular qualities that people seek while searching for seats in an open indoor workspace like a library or a co-working space.

The Cubicle is inspired by dinner booths and train carriages, which are intended to be semi-rooms within large spaces. It is meant to be a freestanding furniture piece that can be set against a wall. “With all the easy, portable technology that is part of your toolbox today, we just want to offer a platform with the essentials for the user to feel comfortable in, either to do laptop-related work or have a tete-a-tete with a colleague,” said John Löfgren, co-founder of Form Us With Love. The Cubicle is available in a couple of different variations, but the essence always remains the same – a 1.2-meter-high backdrop, one or more bench seats, and compact integrated tables.

The entire Cubicle is built using as little materials as possible. It is constructed using oak-veneered plywood with optional upholstery and power sockets integrated beneath the seat, so the furniture system is warm, wooden, and minimal. It must be noted that it is quite large in size, so it is not well suited for smaller spaces or offices with space constraints, it is intended for larger corporate and commercial offices.